-Costa Rica-

Food and Water Secuirty
Community forming around the idea of developing  agricultural  of off-the-grid paradise located in the Rainforest corridors of the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica.
We are a farming community and all residents will lbe “shareholders” in a working farm managed by a non-profit school teaching Sustainable Science. With a goal of food and water security, minimalist living, and international cross cultural experience.  Huella Pequena (“Small Footprint” pronounced HooWAYya PayKAYnya in Spanish) willoffers a low-cost, affordable, Earth-friendly alternative to the typical Gringo Western-copy of the dead-end housing development.  

The Osa Peninsula, Golfo Dulce and numerous protected national raiforest preserves makes the Souhern region the last of the last of untouched but accessable Primary rainforest. We have many properties to choose from and our organzational method using our non-profit allows for mutiple combinations of farms and shareholder combination. Some of these properties are extreme off grid requirng boat travel from Golfito at our dock to the shores of the rainforest farm. We are talking Coconut palm lined white beach wurrouinded by  Primary forest, est filled with Jaguars, White faced monkeys, Howler monkeys, Toucans, Amazon parrots and a host of other tropical birds and mammals, super rare!

Rio Esquinas River
Some of the properties we are looking at front the Rio Esquinas river, a clean fresh water river that flows from the highlands of the Piedras Blancas preserve and we also have  beaches on the Golfo Dulce which National Geographic says is a worldwide phenomena of incredibly deep waters famous for fishing and a only short boat ride from the historic French Banana town of Golfito and the other amazing national parks like Corcovado. Visit these pages for more information or click on the links below. Click on any link in red to take you to more information.

Sustainable Farming Community