Steve and Connie have a unique vision born of an unusual life.  Experiences in Mexico living with and serving migrant workers, growing gardens and milking goats, building homes for the poor with a group of friends and supporters, caught in a rebellion and uprising in Mexico in 1994, living with Mennonites in the mountains of Tennessee with people striving to get out of corrupt system  (a system we see crumbling today) and most recently 3 years in Costa Rica as project managers building an eco-community with a focus on food and water security, have given them a broad skill set necessary in this time of great change.  Steve and Connie run two Green Businesses in Florida, USA.; selling Live Green Tea Plants and Rescuing Honey Bees.  They also founded Logos Academy Inc with a goal to take their back to the land experiences into a new format, a school to create change for the next generation that will be the vision center for the Huella Pequena farming community in Costa Rica.

Steven and Connie Behncke in Mexico 1996

Video 2 Exploring the farm

Video 1 Heading  to property

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