Cost and and Types of Residency at Huella Pequena

The Rentista is simply leasing an available cabin in Huella Pequena Farm from 1 to 6 months per year. The cost is $ 250 to 450 a month. The Rentista has access to the grounds, discounts on Food Co-op items, and discounts on Tours, Classes and WorkShops.  Being a Rentista gives the perspective resident an opportunity to explore the farm, experience the weather, get to know the people and decide if they want to buy a share.

The CommonShare is a renewable 5 year TimeShare that includes a Cabin, Organic Produce and Clean Water. Along with deep discounts On Co-op items such as classes, and workshops.  ComonShares can be purchased as 3 or 6 months per year for a period of 5 years at a price of
3 months a year for 5 years = $7500
6 months a year for 5 years=  $14000

A CommonShare is an affordable way to take part in the overall long term vision of the Farm that allows one to build roots and still come and go to one’s home country or other part-time destination. Most retirees moving to Costa Rica do not seek residency, choosing rather to renew their visas every 90 days by leaving the country for 48 hours and traveling to another foreign location or back to their home country.
The CommonShare includes:
Clean water
Composting toilet (shared)
Solar Shower (shared)
Shuttle boat (shared)
Dockage for your boat (shared)
Security and  personal Storage
Daily share of fresh produce
Access to all nature trails and use of property
Co-op discounts on fish, poultry and dairy
Discounts on tours, classes and services. The Commonshare holder has a full daily share of fresh farm produce for the time they on living on the farm. The CommonsShare can be upgraded to a  FarmShare at any time.

FarmShare has everything the CommonShare has including Food and Water security but the unit is available year round for life. In addition the Farm Share receives a dividend for profits made from the every growing Market Garden sales and a share of fees earned for renting their unit back to the school for students and tourists to use when they are not there.

Cost Per FarmShare       $25,0000 to $33,177
1/10th Start up costs to create a Market Garden (see Farm start up)
Cabin shell
Clean water plumbed to Cabin
Composting Toilet (to common area)
Solar Shower (to common area)
Hydro Electric  (to common area)
Shuttle boat (Shared)
Dockage for your boat (Shared)
Security and  personal Storage
Harvest House and Storage.
Daily Share of Fresh produce
Access to all nature trails and use of property
Permits & Legal fees
Co-op Discounts on Fish, Poultry and Dairy
Discounts on Tours, Classes and Services

Plus: A Quarterly Dividend for all produce sold  (1/12 Share.  10 FarmShares per Aldea  plus 1 Share to the Full time Farm Worker and 1 Share to Micro Fund bank = 12 Shares) Shareholders are paid a 1/12 share minus the Shareholders personal usage while living on the Farm.

All FarmShare holders have the extra advantage of upgrading to a MissionShare by partnering with Logos Academy on a number of onsite and offsite profit activities.  These activities will include endeavors such as Green Tea Nursery and Plantation, Timber bamboo, Hardwoods, Fruit, Aquaponics Fish Culture, Cacao farming, Chicken Farming, ect. As well as other non-crop projects that have a deep connection to sustainability like, Wood Gasifiers, Solar power and cooking, Boat construction, Alternative fuels  and projects related to our School and Tourism like our Zip Line tour, Outback adventures and Survival training, .

In addition to the cost of the FarmShare the MissionShare investments range between $10 and 20 thousand dollars per Share depending on the project. (See examples; Green Tea Plant prospectus, Chicken farming)

Additional Fees
Maintenance fees
CommonShare= $19 to $45 per month
FarmShare =$90/per mo.