What about Transportation to property?

Our off the Grid community is only accessible by jeep or boat from the town of Golfito.  We will be offering a shuttle service on a Co-op price per person basis depending on the number of people traveling together to and from our dock and persepective farms we are looking at.  Please write us for prices and details. Follow this link to the property.

Can a Share be Shared?

Yes, your share can be used by friends and family limited to 3 people per residence. For more people there are other options such as camping, dormitories and cabins. There is a FoodShare for all visitors eating from the Storehouse and using facilities.  

Can I buy a Half-Share? 

Yes, a full Share can be split between two people but only one can use the Share residency at a time and there is only one vote per share. Since most people will not spend the entire year at Huella Pequena splitting a share is a great idea!

How many people can occupy the residence per Share at one time?

Our minimalist cabins and Food and Water security goals have a built in limitation on full-time occupancy. The primary Shareholder may share full-time residency with 2 other persons based on these restrictions; 1)Co-occupants must be either a family member and/or a life commited partner and 2) a Food Share fee per month per extra person per week will be charged.  Guest occupancy is also permitted  for friends or family and is limited to 1 month per stay per person (can be renewed ) and Guests also pay a FoodShare. 

Can a Share be sold?

Yes. There is a 10% management fee per transaction and the new resident requires board approval.

What about legal residency?

Unless you have a child in Costa Rica or marry a Costa Rican residency or citizenship is very restricted. But Costa Rica is very living-here friendly and it is a simple process to renew your visa any time you wish and requires one to leave the country a few days every six months. People often just holiday in Panama for a few days and then return.

What about Investment opportunities?

Costa Rica offers an incredible array of investment opportunities for the clear thinker and problem solver in this rapidly changing world.  Our farm has an open field of such opportunities in Social Tourism, Farming, Transportation and Manufacturing. We would be glad to discuss with you all the potential.


Come Volunteer on our farm. Based on our need we have a number of volunteer opportunities some of which include Food and Lodging depending on availability. Volunteers who show aptitude and commitment will have first opportunity for Work exchange for Shareholder ownership and paid positions as they come up. Write us for more details.