Executive Summary : Huella Pequena Farm Community, Logos Academy, Inc

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Aldea: the sustainable village model
  • Government 

There are many intentional Communities forming all over the world that are offering many kinds of relationships; Economic, Spiritual, Health, Security, the list goes on. Whatever the cohesive element is clear legal agreements are essential. These are the preliminary Goals and Objectives of the Huella Pequena Farm Community. They may not be in agreement with yours.  There may be some things that are nonnegotiable to you. Other things you might be open to consider if given the reasoning behind it. We desire to be as inclusive as possible to all people of every Creed and Economic status. This is an outline, a summary describing a Farm Community, it does not exhaust all the possibilities but only addresses the most basic of needs. It is also a work in progress, membership in our community, your feedback and your vote is part of the final process.

Overview of properties in the Golfo dulce. 
There are hundreds of acres of remote farm land near the Piedras Blancas Rain Forest Preserve in the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica. Most require boat travel to the outback with only a few jeep trails connected to civilization. The nearest town is Golfito. which has its roots to the Banana companies that was the life here for decades along with fishing. Some of the properties on the Golfo Dulce and others front front the Rio Esquinas river, with mangroves, and deep water filled with fish. Its common to find  waterfalls and other cascades on these propertiesand  meadows with Banana, Yuca, and many mature mango and citrus trees. The Rainforest is litterally the  backyard and is the home of many exotic species of frogs, monkeys, jaguars, parrots and other tropical birds. Previously. Some of these properties were previoulsy the used for Cacao and Cattle but has laid fallow and rich for many years of rest waiting for our careful hands.

Goals and Objectives

Minimalist living
Food and Water Security
Energy security
Safety and Protection
Land Stewardship
Healthy Living

This is not a subdivision, this is and always will be “a farm” You will not be buying a lot or a parcel. There will be no surveyor, property lines or need for a deed and complicated legal work.  There will be no need for a permit to build because your cabin square footage is under the size that necessitates complicated codes. There will be no need for Environmental Impact Reports covering the engineering of sewage treatment plants, interior roads, run off and erosion. There will be none of these things, there will be no cars or roads. In fact, except for farming there will be no earthwork at all.  The size of the parcels we are seeing will allow between 10 to 100 families to buy shares in a farm.  Your farm. Our farm.  We are the legal shareholders and caretakers of this land and the surrounding rainforest for the next 100 years and with that comes the right to live here for as many months of the year the laws of Costa Rica allows (see residency) and to enjoy all the benefits of the property and the produce.  Because of all this ultra-minimalistic and simplistic formula, a share in the Huella Pequena Farm is super affordable.

Minimalist living
Huella Pequena means “small footprint” in Spanish. Everything will exemplify simplicity requiring the least amount of resources to build or to maintain. All building will be under 300 square ft with extended living areas created by connecting multiple small units together for extra living space, and then dotting these within quaint little tropical villages without the need for earthwork or land destruction. Composting toilets will be located within the common areas in each of our villages along with community showers, clothes washing stations and Grey water systems. Our cabins will be ultra-low in energy consumption and using primarily 12 volt Solar Energy and Wind Power with an additional off- the grid power supplemented by onsite Hydro Electric and Wood Gas generators.  

Food and Water Security
First and foremost Huella Pequena is a Farm producing food. A large portion of the FarmShare investment goes to the startup and maintenance of a real Market Farm producing jobs for local people and an abundance of Fresh, Organic Fruits and Vegetables year round for our Shareholders to enjoy. That along with a crystal waterfall originating in a pristine rainforest, Huella Pequena offers REAL food and water security.

Energy security
Solar, Wind, and Hydro power with supplement energy from wood and recycled and homegrown vegetable oil will drive our vehicles, boats, farm and home. We will be disconnected from the grid and connected to energy produced right where we live.

Safety and Protection
As the world changes and during stressful economic times, crime is a real concern. In Third world cities, even in peaceful places like Costa Rica, most residents rely on security systems, guards and barred windows. Huella Pequena is a 45 minute boat ride from anywhere. The deep water bay of Golfo Dulce and Rio Esquinas river provide a natural “moat” between us and civilization with our back to hundreds of square miles of primitive tropical forests.  There is no crime on our farm because there is no criminals, just nature. In addition, our onsite security will add an extra level of comfort to screen for the occasional uninvited boater or fisherman as well as keep night vigil over the residents, students and tourists.

Renewable energy, composting, recycling, local sourcing, in house solutions, self-sufficiency; a small carbon footprint and a sustainable model are core ethics of Huella Pequena, in development, and in governing of the community activities and business.

Land Stewardship
Protecting the land, the Flora and Fauna, and reducing the impact of humans on the surrounding forests is our agreement with the land. Re-forestation, land sequestering, erosion control and protection of our land and the Rainforest for generations to come is our prime directive.

Healthy living
Only Organic methods used at all times. No GMO;s or hybrids. Screening for invasive species. Our property will be separate from all noise, light and chemical contamination. Homes, buildings, and common area outbuildings and structures will be constructed from healthy and sustainable products.

Real Estate is a good investment but what about a home? Do you want to sell your home? Unless you were to buy a house (your home) and resell it for a profit, a house in Costa Rica or anywhere else makes you nothing in and of itself.  A house creates nothing.  As a shareholder in a working farm your investment literally grows each year in size and efficiency as it produces real commodities in an ever growing market for clean, Organic food.  You know how even a small garden produces more than you can eat, consider this on a large scale and, as the synergy of multiple shares are being sold and used to expand our operation, the growth will be exponential with the potential for real profits. These profits can pay you back over time for your investment, pay you back on your maintenance costs and as we grow together, actually be a real source of income. In addition to the income created by a market farm, the shareholder can also make an income from sub-leasing his cabin unit back to the school for students and tourists to use during the months they are not there. The FarmShare holder can also upgrade to a MissionShare where you can you can have yet another source of income as you participate in Projects like Dairy production, Aquaponics, Tourism, Fruit farming and other sustainable, green enterprises.

The Aldea;  the village model
Our sustainable community model seeks to create an efficient and affordable use of resources and energy. For this reason all residential cabins are arranged in groups of 10, in small villages called an Aldea.  The Aldea allows for the most efficient use of land area (often using a hillside) conserving flat land for food production. This model conserves energy, insures safety, and creates intimacy, fellowship and a sense of community.  The Cabins will be placed in such a way as to 1) create privacy for the Shareholder using the native landscape and through planting  of trees and bamboo 2) accessibility to Aldea harvest house, showers, composting toilets, community storage, refrigeration and WIFI  3) access to Hydro-electric connections 4) proximity to Garden area for tending and harvesting.
10 FarmShares  equal 1 Aldea and 1 Market Garden along with 1 dedicated Farm worker who will, (along with volunteers, students and residents) maintain the garden and grounds of the Aldea. As each Aldea is completed another Market garden is created along with its own dedicated workers.  As the farm grows the synergy and efficiency is increased along with the volume and variety of produce eventually creating a huge Organic farm enterprize. There will be 10 Aldeas

Phase One
In Phase One of the Huella Pequena farm project, as the Shareholders come on board, all decisions and operations will be exclusively held by Logos Academy, Inc. Logos is the onsite University which drives the overall philosophy, ethics and vision of the farm. All day to day operations are performed and supervised by the staff and volunteers of Logos Academy, Inc. according to the 100 year lease they have with the Farm owner.
Phase Two
When 50% the Shares are sold the Shareholders will then attain the right of a voice and vote for the future management of the property development and direction of the Huella Pequena farm. This is includes decisions regarding the Common areas, Market farms, Utilities, Harvest houses, Transportation, Land Stewardship, Disputes, and issues dealing with day to day life.  Each Aldea will elect their own Representative who will convey the wishes and thoughts of the Aldea members in the General Counsel. In Phase 2, in the General Counsel, the community through its representatives, will have one vote, the University will have one vote and the acting President will hold the third (Tie) vote.

Phase Three
After all the Shares are purchased by our memeber the governmental structure for all issues involving the Common Welfare will be : 1 Vote Logos Academy, Inc, ( along with its board of representatives) 1 Vote Aldea House of Representatives and 1 Vote the President of Huella Pequena Association chosen from among the residents to serve as President for one calendar year.

Only FarmShare owners can vote, become Representatives or become President.

Shareholder vs. Lot purchase
Becoming a resident of Huella Pequena happens by purchasing a “Share” of our corporation. As a shareholder you have the legal right to live on the farm and enjoy all the benefits that a shareholder brings. There are many good reasons for this kind of ownership and here are a few benefits that come with your Share:

What is included in your Share

Share of a farm: The farm itself is never divided up into individual lots. Carving up a property into lots requires surveys, titles, and unnecessary costs associated with the typical community development where everyone owns their own lot along with associated higher taxes and legal requirements like having to form individual Corporations which is the way foreigners own property in Costa Rica. With our format we simply own shares in "one" farm together not individually and our agreements allow for full time residency while keeping the farm intact as one piece and all of us as co-owners holding the land in Trust where the property can never be sold. See FAQ's

A Share allows freedom to place your residence in small, intimate community Groups or Pods of dwellings that can be artistically and ecologically placed into nature and described under our corporately owned farm as “farm housing” not associated with a particular lot. In short your share grants you the right to live and enjoy the property as a shareholder and it also allows you to move to a different location on the property should you wish to for any reason.

Share of Food and Water. Your share is a very real thing. You have share of all the products that are produced on the property as the farm matures over the years with Fruit, Fish, Fowl, Dairy, Grains , all stored in the community storehouse. In an ever changing world it will be good to know that in the event of economic collapse your investment will be in "real things" commodities that you use and enjoy and need! That's real security, security that is not tied to the artificial values of currency. You can't eat money!

Share of Profits: A Share is also a share in the profits. Any and all increases in the community sponsored commodities production that are not consumed by our residents will be sold in the local market and put back into the community. Also shared is a percentage all the services and products sold from Tourism, to Yoga, to Manufacturing, Transportation, Education and anything we produced as a community. Also: since most Shareholders will not live in the community full time, the community will “rent back and rent out” your Cabin to Tourists, Timeshare users, and to students  at our university thus allowing the opportunity to having your Share pay for itself!

Share the Investment: As a Shareholder you will have the first right to money making opportunities in Agriculture, Aquaculture, Manufacturing, Transportation, Tourism, Education, Heath services and more as well as access to Micro funding for your projects.

Share of benefits; Free and discounted use of all the community tools, boats, common areas and tuition to our on-site university Logos Academy Inc. as well as “barn-raising” co-op community help.

Share of Vote: As a shareholder you get a say in the direction the community is heading by way of a vote in a representative government..