We have a limited number of beds at our docks location in Golfito, a few beds in our volunteer house and there are numerous inexpensive hotels to stay in the area as you explore some of these properties with us. We can meet you and take you out on one of our boats and we can discuss buying a share of one of our farms or we can also direct you to other opportunities, land closer in or futher out for you to do your own thing should you decide. 

Golfito is an historic banana town that sits on the Golfo Dulce and close to many beaches and amazing national parks. Choosing the Southern Zone as your tourist destination is the  perfect idea and staying with us for Free is even more perfect!. How can you loose? 

Use the form below for more info or book a space in our house or boat. "community"  in the subject line, include you phone number and dates you plan to visit.

About Golifto and the Southern Zone